Woodmill High School

Art and Design

Ms. Ewan (Head of Department)

Ms. Dow

Mr. Gibson

Mr. Lopez

Mrs. McHardy


 Located over three floors in the original Woodmill building the Art and Design department strives to maintain high standards, in the quality of the lessons we deliver and in our expectations of student work. The department is fully committed to providing a highly stimulating and rewarding creative experience for students of all abilities. The staff always endeavour to support and celebrate our student’s creative talents.

Our aim is to develop in our students, a range of skills along with a confidence in creating and presenting Art and Design, Photographic and Digital works. We seek to foster an appreciation of Art and Design, Photography and Digital Media and its role in the world they experience, to develop visual literacy, cultural awareness and the ability to problem solve, thinking creatively. This provides the foundation for developing the creative skills necessary for a modern world and workplace.

Many of our students go on to study Art and Design at College, Art College and University and successful applicants tend to follow specialist HN and degree courses, among others in Fine Art, Jewellery, Illustration, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Photography, Digital Media/Web Design and Architecture. We deliver courses from Nat 3 to Advanced Higher Level and we aim to include and inspire all with in our department.