Woodmill High School

Business Management


This hands-on course is designed to allow those young people in our department who are more practical in their learning style, to experience what business is and how it interacts with both the internal stakeholders and external world around them.

Taught through a mix of classroom learning and assessed through the preparation and creation of a real business experience, this course focuses on both academic learning and employability skills for the world of work. Financial and economic awareness is developed through a business context and transferred to everyday situations. The goal is to introduce learners to managing their own personal finances with confidence and gain a better understanding of economic influences on their lives. By developing numeracy, ICT skills and an awareness of employability and enterprising skills, the course will help an individual to participate effectively in modern society. There is no examination and course award will be given on successful completion of an event or business activity.


National 4 Business is offered by the department on two platforms. It can be an excellent introduction to Business for those young people who are accessing a reduced timetable and perhaps do not access mainstream education on a full-time level. The department have developed a self-study course that, with support from either classroom teachers or our PSA’s, our learned can successful access all of the fundamentals of business. 

National 4 Business is composed of three main units: Business in Action which looks in depth at the ways businesses interact with the environment and society, Influences in Business which takes a detailed look at how a business is formed, and the component departments that collectively create the whole business.

Most excitingly about National 4 Business is that it allows the candidates the opportunity to investigate and write about a local business of their choice. This introduction to preparing a detailed piece of writing and presenting this information in a structure’s manner is a valuable and transferable skill that our learners can use in many areas of their future lives.

There is no exam for the National 4 course assessment and candidates are continually assessed throughout the year.


National 5 Business Management is a fun way to gain an insight into the business world. Through a mix of learning course content and applying this to life-based situations, this will set you on a path ranging from being an expert in business jargon on the TV to being your very own boss! 

The course consists of the following areas: 

· Understanding Business – an introduction to the types of businesses and sectors that exist, the outside and inside influences of a business and much more.

· Management of Marketing – how to advertise effectively using the many tools at our disposal, as well as what influences the decisions of business to advertise.

· Management of Operations – how to create products in an efficient and ethical way, whilst managing their distribution.

· Management of People – how to manage staff members in a business and keep them motivated.

· Management of Finance – accounting for all spending and learning how to manage a budget.

All of these are just tasters of what to expect in this course. So, whether your dream is to be an accountant, the next star of The Apprentice, or anything in between – National 5 Business Management might just be for you.


No matter what you want to do when you leave school, you will be entering some type of business! Why not stay one step ahead and study Higher Business Management.

Throughout this course you will study the following five units:

Higher BM











You will also research and analyse a real life operational business. You will produce a report on this business and provide recommendations to improve their practice within the modern dynamic business world! 

The skills gained throughout this course will be invaluable in your chosen career beyond school.


Advanced Higher Business Management takes the students of business beyond the confines of the functional activities of the business environment and starts to ask the questions of how and why. Designed to be an excellent introduction to the demands of a business degree, the skills developed at this level of study will transfer to any young person choosing to go onto further and higher education. 

Advanced Higher Business is taught from two perspectives: Internal Management and External management. Internal Management introduces the young people to the fundamentals of Management Science by investigating the likes of Taylor, Fayol, Maslow, Hershey and Blanchard to name but a few, and delves deep into the understanding of the process of successful management, the psychology behind strong leadership and its effect on the organisation. Meanwhile, normally taught concurrently by another member of staff, External Management gives greater focus on the application of how a business will interact with the global environment, legislation and other government influences.

Advanced Higher Business is predominately taught through the examination of real life business experiences and reports and also includes the production of a 3000 word dissertation allowing the young person experience of how they will be assessed further on in their educational career.