Woodmill High School



Ever wondered why prices go up and down? Why things are more expensive now than they used to be? Where the money came from to pay for your school experience, or what happens when we need more? Or just what they are talking about on the News at 6pm?

Then Economics is the subject for you! 

Woodmill High School is proud to be the first school in Fife to offer Higher Economics since 2018 and remain the only non-private school in Scotland offering this fabulous subject at Advanced Higher. Loved by Employers and Universities alike this fascinating subject will introduce you to:

The Economics of the Market: How are prices determined, how do people decide on what to spend their money and what makes them change their mind?

UK Economics: How does our Government ensure that we can have free Education, Health and Defence, and what options do they have when it all becomes too expensive?

Global Economics: Why do we trade with other countries? Why do we help other countries and most importantly what would happen if we didn’t do these things?


Advanced Higher Economics is nationally accepted as one of the most current and up to date courses that is on offer in the Scottish Curriculum. Sitting an exam paper that will be written only six months prior, this course of study encourages our young people to keep an eye on all current affairs in their world today.

Split into three main teaching units, Advanced Higher Economics builds on all of the fundamentals of Higher, by introducing further application of markets, an advanced investigation into our current government intervention into failures of the market, and the wider understanding of global interactions between economies all over the world, and the implication on a Micro and Macro level of these interactions.

Lessons are planned on the news of yesterday and today and candidates learn in a very independent manner, seeking out their own specific areas of interest for discussion.

Assessment of the course revolves around an assignment where the candidate is analysing an economic change in their world that has happened over the past 12 – 18 months. They look critically at the government and how they have dealt with any changes to the market and use inter-country comparison as well as historical data to suggest their own take on a better path forward.

Students of Advanced Higher Economics have gone onto Modern Apprenticeships in investment banking with Ernst and Young whilst others have gone onto read Economics at some of the top universities in Scotland.