Woodmill High School

Data Science

DS homepage imageLevels 4/5/6

Data science is one of a number of emerging technologies, which include artificial intelligence and cloud computing, that are becoming increasingly important in modern societies. The skills shortage in data science has been widely reported.

Data skills are important for everyone, irrespective of their vocational or academic ambitions. Data citizenship relates to the need for everyone to possess a basic understanding of data to permit them to participate in contemporary society and engage in the political process. More focus is being placed on data literacy among the general workforce, as more organisations become data driven and opportunities to apply data analytics to an ever-increasing range of tasks becomes apparent.

The course has three areas of study:

• Data security

• Data citizenship

• Optional unit at Levels 5 and 6

This award, at SCQF levels 4, 5 and 6, is designed to enable candidates to:

· improve their data skills to prepare them for further studies in a range of subject areas

· encourage pupils to have a vocational interest in data science as a career

· improve data analysis skills for all pupils to prepare them for employment in a wide range of fields

· further develop data literacy skills to produce future citizens who appreciate the applications and implications of data science

· raise awareness of the societal issues relating to data science including data ethics

· identify opportunities to apply data science in a range of contexts

Exam information

Pupils must complete each of the three units in this course to gain the course award.

Certificate course requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.