Woodmill High School

Games Development

GD homepage imageLevels 4/5/6

Computer games are being used increasingly for leisure, in education and work-based training with players interacting via personal computers, consoles, PDAs, mobile devices and web browsers. Computer gaming is now a growing industry, with Scotland one of the global leaders. In Scotland there are more than 50 Games Design companies, mostly based in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. These companies rely on a range of creative skills such as art, design, animation, audio and programming. Employers increasingly expect candidates to have critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, to be good communicators and able to work within a group/team, as these are essential skills for working in a modern business environment.

The course has three areas of study:

• Design

• Media Assets

• Development

 This award, at SCQF levels 4, 5 and 6, is designed to enable candidates to:

· investigate the computing gaming industry/genres/hardware/trends and emerging technologies

· gain an understanding of underlying concepts and the fundamental principles involved in digital gaming planning and design

· gain the knowledge and skills required in the creation of media assets and games development

· work with others to test a game and give constructive feedback

· collaborate with others in an enterprise activity to promote/market a game

Exam information

Pupils must complete each of the three units in this course to gain the course award.

Certificate course requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.