Woodmill High School

Learning Pathways 2023-24

Information to guide pupils through the course choice process is contained below.  Please start by viewing the Sway presentation that links to the correct year group.

Copies of the course choice booklets and options forms are also listed for each year group.  Further information on subject areas and the courses offered are on the “Subject Choice Videos” page. 


Learning Pathway Introductory Information:

S4 Learning Pathways Information

S5/S6 Learning Pathways Information

Please see the below links for Subject Information Videos and Senior Course Choice Forms and Booklets.

Subject Information Videos

S3 Course Choice Booklet

Senior Course Choice Booklet

 Copies of the course choice form for each year group are available below.

S3 Course Choice Form

S4 Course Choice Form
S5 S6 Course Choice Form

Key dates

S3 Course Choice starts 20/2/2023

S4 Course Choice starts 23/1/2023

S5/S6 Course Choice starts 27/2/2023


Parental Information Sessions

Information sessions to support the course choice process will be held at the following times:

S3 Learning Pathways (for pupils currently in S2) - Wednesday 8th February from 6.30pm until 8.00pm
A copy of the presentation used during this event is available here : S3_Pathways_Presentation.pdf
S5/S6 Learning Pathways (for pupils currently in S4/S5) - Tuesday 21st February from 6.00pm until 7.00pm.
A copy of the presentation used during this event is available here: