Woodmill High School

Drama and Dance

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Our Policy

Our policy is to foster a positive, secure, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment. This allows all pupils to explore their own creative journey and appreciate and support others at the same time. It is vital that the learning environment enables all pupils to participate in presenting back to the class and to feel confident when sharing work with other classes. We encourage students to work together in group tasks as they explore cultural identities and the opinions of others in both the classroom and in a wider context of life. Our objective is to prepare all pupils for external assessment after s3.

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Our Expectations

 The dept has very high pupils expectations, in both skills acquisition and in personal conduct. We refer to a professional stage environment and refer to the high levels of co-operation and communication skills required to emulate a professional Theatre. The Drama staff provide a professional learning environment with a view to challenging our pupils and allowing pupils to be creative and monitor their progress consistently and coherently through teacher observation and self-reflection. We also encourage praise and our policy is to build pupils self esteem and confidence. We understand how important it is for our students to be confident not only while performing, literally in a stage space but also to have increased self-awareness and commitment to any task undertaken, large or small. This is encouraged in extra-curricular actives as well as curricular..