Woodmill High School

S1-S3 English

Broad General Education: S1-S3 English

In S1-S3, pupils work to progress through Level 3 literacy and beyond. They have the opportunity to study a wide range of texts, including novels, short stories, poems, plays, and media texts. They will also engage in a number of different forms of writing, and consolidate their Knowledge About Language, working on grammar, spelling and on improving their vocabularies.

Pupils also engage in regular reading of their own choice, and we strongly encourage everyone to read as much as they can in their own time.

Talking and Listening are also important elements of the curriculum, and pupils will work collaboratively throughout their BGE years. They will all also be expected to participate in Group and Solo Talk activities, which are vital to prepare them for assessment in Talk in S4 and beyond.

Pupils will also improve their capabilities in Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation, which are a key component in National and Higher Qualifications in the Senior Phase.

Brian Conaghan Author Visit!

Most of the S2 class alongside several pupils from St. Columba's RC high school attended an author visit by Brian Conaghan.  He discussed his life before he became a writer and the impact that those experiences had on his various novels.  He is the author of books such as 'When Mr. Dog bites', 'The M Word', 'Cardboard Cowboys' and 'The bombs that brought us together'.

Brian Conaghan Visit #1

Brian Conaghan Visit #2