Woodmill High School


Personal and Social Education is part of the "core" subjects and is taught as part of the timetable in S1-S4. These pupils will have 1 period a week, with pupils in S1 and S2 usually being taught by their own Guidance Teacher to help develop relationships.
The diagram below is a guide to what will be covered during the year, but we are flexible and topics may be altered depending on issues that may arise which we need to address.
S1 S2 S3 S4
Breaking Barriers Anti Social Behaviour/Knife Crime FIT - Homophobia SQA Mental Health Award
Fife Young Carers Bullying Study Skills Study Skills
Fireworks Alcohol/Sexperts Drugs (including Barnardos input) Pornography
Bullying Forced Marriage Body Image Careers
Smoke Free Class Competition Drugs (Including Barnardos input) FGM RSHP
CPR/First Aid Careers Careers Financial Education
RHSP (Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood) Emotional Wellbeing Course Choice
Careers RHSP RHSP (Prelims/Study Leave/Exams)
Alcohol Domestic Violence (including FRASAC input) Citizenship
Personal Internet Safety SQA Mental Health Award
Pupils work towards completing a N5/N4 SQA Mental Health Award as part of their PSE programme, giving them the opportunity to earn another SQA qualification on top of their six other exam subjects. There is no exam in this award as it is assessed by the work completed in lessons.
At the moment, PSE is not part of the S5/S6 timetable. Pupils will be offered extractions as appropriate, such as taking part in the "Safe Drive Stay Alive" campaign in November.