Woodmill High School

P7 Transition Process

The transition from Primary School up to High School is a big step, and the Guidance and Support for Learning staff take part in lots of planning and preparation to ensure the transition is as smooth and painless as possible for both the pupils and parents.

Each Primary School has an allocated Guidance Teacher and Support for Learning link.

Touch:       Mrs Drylie (GT) and Mrs Wishart (SFL)

Duloch:     Mrs Doran (GT) and Mrs Wishart (SFL)

Lynburn:  Mrs Rowan (GT) and Mrs Dale (SFL)

Carnegie: Miss Harrower (GT) and Mrs Dale (SFL).

Out of catchment primary schools are linked with either Mrs Dunlop (GT) of  Mrs Swinburne (SFL).

Either the allocated Guidance Teacher or Support for Learning link teacher, or both, will attend any transition meetings with parents arranged by the primary school.


Guidance Teachers will usually go out to visit the P7 pupils twice between November and February to give general information and introduce themselves, and to allow pupils to take part in a Question and Answer session.

After Easter, the Guidance teachers meet with either the Primary classroom teachers or the Primary Deputes. At this meeting all pertinent information relating to every pupil is passed on to the Guidance Teacher, who then collates the information and passes it on to the appropriate Guidance Teacher once the pupils have been allocated to a House in June. Support for Learning staff also collect information relating to pupils with identified additional support needs and this is put on to a working document, available to all teaching staff on a secure school server. This document is updated regularly as information and needs change.

Once the pupils have been allocated to their House, the Guidance Teachers will then allocate pupils to a registration class. We try to ensure that at least one other person from the same primary school is in each registration class.