Woodmill High School

Home Economics

Welcome to Woodmill High School Home Economics Department!   


Meet the Team:

Miss N Lockhart (Head of Department)  

Mrs J McConnell 

Mrs D McArthur 


Home Economics, as it is traditionally known has experiences and outcomes in two curricular areas along with our shared responsibility of all:  Health and Wellbeing and Technologies. There are 10 experiences and outcomes that span level three Home Economics which we use to inform our curricular planning.   

The Principles of curriculum design along with how the Home Economics Department aim to overtake these principles are as follows: 

  • Challenge and enjoyment; 
    • Gathering regular feedback from pupils during lessons on their progress using RAG profiles  
    • Gathering end of unit feedback from pupils around overall challenge and enjoyment and where we could improve 
  • Breadth; 
    • Ensure that all benchmarks for our curricular area are delivered 
  • Progression; 
    • Embedding the skills needed for national qualifications into our BGE courses 
  • Depth;
    • Ensuring homework tasks reinforce prior learning 
  • Personalisation and choice; 
    • Encouraging pupils to decide what to make to demonstrate their skills whether as a class or individually in both food and textile contexts 
    • Coherence and relevance 
    • Ensuring our curriculum reflects current food trends and is planned to gather evidence of learners success  


Assessment Judgements  

  • We use both formative and informative methods to assess learners progress through our curriculum  



  • Curricular benchmarks embody the significant aspects of learning in our curricular area.    


How do we know we have it right? 

  • We undertake moderation exercises across the authority to ensure our interpretation of level 3 is that of another schools.   
  • We then moderate learners work to decide what achievement at a level looks before making individual assessment judgements on our learners  


The Developing the Young Workforce  

  • When considering our pathways into senior phase we consider what that journey looks like for all our learners