Woodmill High School

Music Department

Music Department Staff:

Classroom Music Staff                                                                  

Mr. C. Cuthbertson (Head of Department)

Miss R. Gourlay 

Mr. Z. Lennox                                                                                       

Instructor/Instrumental Tutors

Mr. Richard Keane                                              Mr. Steven Dowall

Mrs. Fiona Charleton                                          Ms. Karen Drever

Mrs. Pauline Woodburn                                      Mr. Leon Thorne

Mr. Ian Christie                                                   Mr. Jonathan Law


Our classrooms are located in the new section of the school building in E corridor while the instrumental staff have access to three smaller rooms in the older section of E corridor close to the Assembly Hall. The department strives to deliver high quality Music and Music Technology provision to all students, both in a classroom situation but also with our many extracurricular activities and performance opportunities. We are lucky to have access to a range of high-quality resources across the department.

We aim to ensure that our pupils feel safe to develop their creative and performance abilities to a high level. Many of our students go on to study Music and/or Music Technology at Further and Higher Education establishments across the country. We hope that all our young musicians/technologists develop both the academic and practical skills in these subjects but on a broader level we hope to ensure all our pupils leave having had the opportunity to develop the following skills which can be transferred to any employable situation:

· Performance skills; which includes developing confidence and presentation skills

· An awareness of social and cultural diversity

· A sense of self discipline, self motivation and responsibility

· Creativity and ability to express themselves

· Communication, collaboration and teamwork

· Perseverance and problem solving skills

· Time management skills and an awareness of health and safety

· Adaptability and an openness to feedback

· Thinking on the spot and seeing the bigger picture