Woodmill High School

School Leadership Team

The school is led by the Rector, a team of Depute Rectors and a Business Manager.

The Depute Rectors all have responsibility for one of the school houses, and for a group of departments. In addition to this each depute has a number of areas of school life which they oversee and lead. 

Mr McIntosh (Rector) 

Mrs Hogarth (Business Manager)Responsible for the finance, fabric of the building and the facility staff. 

Mr Parnham (Depute Rector) Responsible for; Westray House, Guidance, Support for Learning, DAS, and WES. Mr Parnham also leads Pupil Support and Child Wellbeing across the school.

Miss Sullivan (Depute Rector) - Responsible for; Harris House, Mathematics, Computing, Social Subjects, Home Economics and PE. Miss Sullivan also leads SQA and Assessment across the school.

Mr Fraser (Depute Rector) - Responsible for; Staffa House, English, Art, Modern Languages, Drama and Music. Mr Fraser also leads Learning & Teaching and Employability across the school.

Dr Harvie (Depute Rector) - Responsible for; Dunglass House, Science, Design Technology and Business Studies. Dr Harvie also leads Curriculum Development and Primary Transition across the school.