Woodmill High School

School Values 


We Learn - We Respect - We Succeed

We Are Woodmill

When the school was build in 1958 the aim was to create a school in the heart of the Abbeyview community to serve the surrounding primary schools and the West Fife coastal villages. The desire to shape young people, represented in the school motto 'Wyse an' Wycht' (from Scots), developing enlightened and resilient adults remains our aim.

Early in 2018 we spent some time working with pupils from across the school to develop how we express our values as a school. As a result of this we moved away from the list of qualities we had been using to the three key words that sum up all of those idea, and the phrase which reminds us that we are connected to each other. 'We Are Woodmill' has become very important to us as a school over the last few years with the challenge of the 2019 fire and the rebuilding of our school following this.

At the heart of who we are as a school is RELATIONSHIPS, these are the context for our learning, the demonstration of our respect and the support for our success. 

As we move into the next phase of the schools life we continue to look at how we work together to enable people - pupils, staff and parents - to become Wyse an' Wycht