Woodmill High School


Mr Thomson (Head of Department)

Mr Fyffe

Mr Philp

Miss Scott

Mrs Linton

Mrs Tighe


Our Aims

The Physical Education curriculum at Woodmill High School aims to develop each pupil’s Physical Skills, Physical Fitness, Cognitive Skills and Personal Qualities across a range of activities.


The Right Kind

Are you ‘The Right Kind’ of pupil? Our ‘right kind’ values underpin successful learning and teaching in the PE department. Respect, Resilience, Organisation, Work Ethic and Responsibility are all significant characteristics that we look to encourage and foster within every lesson. By approaching learning with these characteristics, both staff and pupils will have positive, educational and enjoyable experiences in PE.


Physical Skills: within this area the pupils aim to develop their balance, control, coordination, fluency, rhythm and timing when executing gross and fine motor skills.

Physical Fitness:  within this area the pupils aim to develop their stamina, speed, core stability, strength and flexibility when testing and training to improve their fitness.

Cognitive Skills: within this area the pupils aim to develop their decision making and problem-solving skills as well as their focus, concentration and creativity whilst performing.

Personal Qualities:  within this area the pupils aim to develop their confidence, motivation, determination, resilience, responsibility, leadership, respect and communication.

Across S1-S4 Core PE, the pupils will experience the following activities: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Gymnastics, Fitness, Handball, Hockey, Netball, Table Tennis and Volleyball.

In S3-S6, the pupils can also choose to take S3 Elective PE, National 4 & 5 PE and Higher PE where they will focus on the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social Factors that impact on performance.

In S5 and S6 the pupils can also opt into some of our wider achievement courses such as NPAs in SQA Leadership, Exercise and Fitness Leadership, and SFA Refereeing.


The Physical Education Department is also extremely proud of our vast Extra-Curricular programme where pupils can participate in activities out with the normal school day. Pupils can attend for recreational and fitness purposes but also if they want to compete for and represent the school in regional and national competitions. In recent years we have been running clubs for Badminton, Basketball, Fitness, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey and Netball.