Woodmill High School

School Mobile Phone Policy

Pupil Use of Mobile Phones

Whilst mobile phones are potentially powerful tools for learning and connecting our young people, they also come with potential for disruptive and harmful behaviours, as has been highlighted in both the news and by the Scottish Government. In line with Government advice Woodmill has a policy that seeks to support young people in the use of digital devices in a way that ensures the 

"mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing of everyone within a learning community should be positively developed by fostering a safe, caring, supportive, purposeful environment that enables the development of relationships based on mutual respect."
( Curriculum for Excellence: Health and Wellbeing. Experiences and Outcomes)

  • Where pupils bring their phone or other mobile device to school they are responsible for keeping it safe and liable for any damage whilst the device whilst in their possession. 
  • Within the school building, including corridors, cafeterias, the library and the quad, mobile phones should be kept switched off (or on silent) and out of view.
  • When pupils are using their phones they must respect the privacy of others and keep themself and others safe from emotional and physical harm.
  • At teachers’ discretion, they may be used to facilitate learning and teaching in tightly controlled conditions. This may include the use of interactive programmes (such as Kahoot), research of topics, photographing experiments or practical projects. They should not be used for listening to music while other work is being completed.
  • Where pupils use their phone in class, without teacher permission or instruction they should first be given a warning and asked to put the phone away. Where they do not, they may be reminded or asked to hand their phone to the teacher for the remainder of the period. Should they not comply with this it should be followed up in line with the school positive relationships policy. 
  • Any confiscated pupil phone, not returned to a pupil at the end of a lesson, should be placed in the appropriate House Head’s tray in the main office, clearly labelled as belonging to a particular pupil. This should happen as soon as is reasonably possible. The phone will then be returned to the pupil at the end of the school day, or as is appropriate in discussion with the head of house.
  • Where pupils require to contact home during the school day, this should be via the main office, so that any important or necessary information is shared appropriately with school staff when required. Any communication home by pupils should not impact on the learning of a classroom.