Woodmill High School

SQA Presentation Policy

The aim of this policy is to enable pupils to be presented, and to achieve success at the highest appropriate level for them.

Initial Presentation Level

Pupils’ levels at course option times will be determined by previous performance, assessment results and other benchmark data

Regular Tracking and Monitoring to ensure that pupils are being presented at the correct level. Any underperformance will be highlighted to parent/carer in the hope that remedial action can be taken. Progress/Didbook will be used to notify parents at this stage and identify possible course of action.

General concerns of first assessment failures

Parents will be notified of concerns and the possible course of action required.PT Subject to contact home and note contact on Pastoral Notes. PT Guidance will be notified of concerns .

Prelim Examinations

The position of each pupil is reviewed and discussed with the subject teacher and PT if appropriate.

Pupils who achieve less than 30% in their prelim exam will have their situation reviewed and parents/carers will be informed in writing if a change of level is recommended. Each case is considered individually but final decisions will be based on:

  • Prelim performance
  • Class assessments/homework
  • Monitoring & Tracking
  • Class attendance
  • Whole school attainment

Decisions regarding the final level of presentation will be completed by the end of February.

Changes of Levels/Withdrawals will take place if required via Progess/Didbook and parents/carers will be emailed.

Pupil / Parent Request to change level

These should be minimal as considerable time and effort is spent ensuring that pupils have an appropriate and worthwhile course. Evidence is clear that reducing the number of subjects studied does not improve performance in others.

Each request will be considered on an individual basis. Consideration will be given via discussion with subject teacher, PT and House Team.

Timetable changes

It is expected that changes in presentation level will not result in changes of pupil timetable. If cases arise where pupils are to be removed from presentation, departments will aim to ensure that an alternative qualification can be gained within their current class. It is expected that in most circumstances, courses selected at the start of an academic session will be completed by the pupil for the whole session.