Woodmill High School

2022 Outward Bound

On Friday 30th September, 32 S6 pupils and 3 staff headed north to the Outward Bound Centre near Fort William. The aim of the weekend course was to further develop the pupils' team building and leadership skills, along with other transferable skills such as effective communication, problem solving and time management. 
Despite the weather, the pupils threw themselves into every single activity and were determined to succeed in all tasks. The Outward Bound staff were impressed with how many pupils took part, stating they could not remember the last time every single person in a group did the "Jog and Dip", never mind that all three of our groups did just that! This mindset continued for the whole weekend. Activities included Nightline in the woods, Jacob's Ladder, Tyrolean (rope bridge building), abseiling, scrambling, gorge walking, crate stack, orienteering and raft building. Everyone got very wet but had a fantastic time. It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with such a dedicated, focussed and fun group of pupils. This one will be hard to beat!


Outward Bound 2022