Woodmill High School


Pupils in S1 & S2 Science will develop their scientific skills and knowledge as part of their Broad General Education through topics on Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

There is a particular focus on scientific investigation and communication in the courses. The skills and knowledge pupils learn in S1 & S2 will prepare them for their final year of their Broad General Education in S3, their certificate subjects in the senior phase and also for life after their school education. 

S1 Topics 

S1 Introduction to Science

Cells (Biology)

Solids, Liquids & Gases (Chemistry)

Energy (Physics) 

Reproduction (Biology)

Chemical Reactions (Chemistry)

Rocket Science (Physics)

S2 Topics

Introduction to S2 Science

Biosphere (Biology)

Acids (Chemistry)

Space (Physics) 

The Body (Biology)

Earth’s Materials (Chemistry)

Electricity (Physics)