Woodmill High School

Geography Advanced Higher

Advanced Higher Geography:

The course develops your understanding of our changing world, its human

interactions and physical processes. Practical activities, including fieldwork, provide

opportunities for you to interact with your environment.

The study of geography encourages positive lifelong attitudes of environmental stewardship,

sustainability and global citizenship. The course provides you with the skills,

knowledge and understanding to contribute effectively to your local communities and

wider society.

The course enables you to develop a greater understanding of the human and physical processes

which have an impact on your environment, and by encouraging scientific rigour in data collection

and interpretation. You will develop skills which are transferable to other areas of study and which

you can use in everyday life. You will carry out independent research and take responsibility for your

own learning, with support from teachers.

The aims of the course are to:

· understand the ways in which people and the environment interact in response to physical and human processes.

· study spatial relationships to develop a balanced and critical understanding of the changing world.

· further acquire a geographical perspective on environmental and social issues and their significance.

· further develop skills of independent research, fieldwork, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation.

· further develop skills and techniques to collect, extract, analyse and interpret information

· to explain geographical phenomena using appropriate terminology.

· further develop expertise in the use of maps, diagrams, statistical techniques and written accounts.