Woodmill High School

Geography National 3-5

S4/5/6 - National 3/4/5:

The National 3/4/5 Geography course gives you the opportunity to learn more about the world you live in and to study issues which affect you and those of others. Whatever your passion for the world, geography will provide you with knowledge and skills that will reward you personally and help you in the future.

You will study three units and learn various skills within each.

The Physical Environment

The British Isles;

Coast lines of erosion and deposition, including land use, conflict and solutions, for example in recreation and tourism around our coasts.

Glaciated uplands including land use, conflict and solutions, for example tourism and farming.

Weather in the British Isles.

The Human Environment

The Developed and the Developing World:

World population, factors affecting birth and death rates, population distribution and change.

Contrasts in Development, social and economic indicators.

Characteristics and issues in changing urban and rural landscapes.

Global Issues

Climate change: - causes, effects, management and sustainability.

Health - Distribution of a range of world diseases, HIV/Aids, Heart Disease and Cholera, including causes, effects and strategies adopted to manage them.

Geographical Skills.

Mapping using Ordnance Survey

Research skills including Fieldwork

Extracting, interpreting and presenting numerical information and graphical information.