Woodmill High School


“Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them.” (George Santayana)

The study of History allows you to develop your understanding of the world by learning about other people in different times, places and circumstances. History allows you to develop a map of the past and gain an understanding of the forces which have shaped the world you live in today.

In gaining an understanding of historical events you will be able to become an effective contributor to society. You will develop important attitudes such as: confidence; an open mind and respect for the beliefs and cultures of others; openness to new ideas; and a sense of responsibility and global citizenship.

In addition, studying History will allow you to develop and apply a wide range of skills. The evaluation of different types of sources will develop your thinking skills. Using and processing information will develop your literacy skills. Investigative and critical-thinking activities will allow you to gain experience in contributing to group work as well as gaining the confidence to work independently.

At Woodmill you will be able to study History in both the BGE (S1-S3) and the Senior Phase (S4-S6). In the Senior Phase, courses will be available at National 3, National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level (depending on demand).

The knowledge, experiences and skills gained through the study of History will help to prepare you to enter the World of Work in a wide range of jobs and professions such as teacher, police officer, social worker, researcher, solicitor, civil servant, banker…..the list is endless.

Staff Members:

Mrs l Montgomery – PT Social Subjects and RME

Ms E McKean

Mr D Ward



· Medieval Dunfermline

· S2:

· World War Two – The Home Front

S3/S4 - National 3/4/5 History:

· The Atlantic Slave Trade 1770-1807

· The Era of the Great War , 1900-1928

· Either Red Flag: Lenin and the Russian Revolution, 1894–1921 or Free at Last: Civil Rights in the USA, 1918-1968

S5/6 - National 3/4/5 History:

· The Era of the Great War, 1900–1928

· The Atlantic Slave Trade, 1770-1807

· Free at Last: Civil Rights in the USA, 1918-1968

Higher History:

· Britain, 1851−1951

· Germany, 1815−1939

· The Scottish Wars of Independence, 1249-1328

Advanced Higher History: (when demand allows)

· Germany: from democracy to dictatorship, 1918–39