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Enhanced Support (WES)

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Woodmill Enhanced Support (WES) is a highly supportive educational provision which focuses on the individual needs of the pupil through person-centred planning, and offers an educational package for those pupils who are unable to access mainstream school for a variety of reasons.

Pupils are referred to the WES provision by following WHS staged intervention policy. Each pupil who accesses the provision has an individualised curricular pathway that maximises their attainment at the same time as ensuring a highly supportive and nurtured approach to learning.

All pupils who are referred to WES have access to a team of staff who are skilled at dealing with a variety of needs and include: pastoral support, pupil support and subject specialists. This team of staff work with the pupils and their family/carers with the target of ensuring meaningful, positive destinations which focus on individual needs in addition to maximising achievement from formal qualifications.

WES works in close collaboration with DAS and the Support for Learning department, as well as subject departments in order to maintain appropriate standards and expectations of all pupils.