Woodmill High School

Learning @ Woodmill

Over the last few years we have developed the style of learning and teaching in the classroom. As part of this pupils and staff developed a map for what lessons in Woodmill should look like. Whilst every lesson will be different and each subject will have aspects that are unique to them, broadly speaking, pupils should over a series of lessons experience a range of types of learning. 

Lessons should have focussed starter activities that set out the point and aim of the lesson at the start, and may include a brief recap. The main body of the lesson should include different activities at different points, all of which should be to develop the skills and knowledge for that subject and wider learning skills. Finally the lesson should end with some form of reflection or recap to embed the learning of that lesson or for that topic, though this does not need to be a long activity. 


The poster below is visible in the majority of our learning spaces across the school and is there as a prompt to the pupils. 

Classroom Poster