Woodmill High School

Pupil Conferences

For the first time since the tragic events of the fire in 2019 we have been able to restart our Pupil Conferences. These were opportunities for our young people to shape their learning experience and reflect on the values of our school. In the past these have focused on our ethos and the structure of the lessons in school, and have resulted in the lessons structure and our vision statement 'We Learn, We Respect, We Succeed'. Normally these were spread across the academic session in different terms but were not possible with the Covid 19 restriction. Once these were relaxed we wanted to catch up with pupils as soon as we could.
This year to start the process off we were looking at 'How we develop and build Positive Relationships in classes and across the school'. The pupils were, as always, a real credit to the school and their families engaging in the process at a really high level. 
Working in groups of six or seven they discussed some weighty issues about what make for a good classroom atmosphere, and how we should celebrate when they are doing well. They looked at ideas around what the school should value about them in class, how this could be communicated to them and to home, as well as what are the points for celebration. 

This was then followed up with a survey on how they felt about school, in both learning and social contexts. Over the next few weeks we will be picking up a number of themes, around the new Dunfermline Learning Campus, the structure of lessons and our values as a school. 

Once these sessions are complete a video of the PowerPoint will be added to the bottom of the page so you can see what was discussed.