Woodmill High School

Celebrating Pupil Success

Achievement Awards

Achievement Ties

As a school we are always keen to celebrate our pupils success, both in school and beyond. As part of recognising this we celebrate our pupil's success with a custom designed School Tie - the Woodmill Achievement Tie.

Achievement Badges

An achievement badge recognises subsequent achievements with the same criterion as the Achievement Tie. If a young person earns 5 badges they receive a Bronze star another 5 will earn a Silver Star and finally another 5 is a Gold star. 

Criteria for award

To earn an achievement tie you must either:

  • win a competition whilst representing the school at a regional level.

or if out of school:

  • place in the top 3 in a National competition


  • earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh award


  • Chief Scout's Gold, Platinum or Diamond Award or similar in another uniformed organisation.

The school recognises achievement in a broad range of activities including Maths challenges, debating, drama science competitions and music.

 The final decision lies with the Senior Leadership Team.


Parents and pupils can record their achievements by emailing the address at the bottom of this page to inform us.

Remember to include the competition, the level achieved or competed for and the results or a note of what was won.



BGE Awards Assemblies

In S1- S3 we recognise pupil effort and behaviour in an award assembly at the end of the year. The criteria for this award are linked to the school merit system and the End of Term Merits pupils receive over the course of the year.

Pupils will be given certificates at Bronze, Silver or Gold level linked to the number of 'End of Term Merits' achieved over the course of the year. This will be reflective of the number of subjects individual pupils have on their timetable. The awards will not be based on the pupil's academic attainment or ability in the subject but on how prepared they are, how hard they try, and their general behaviour over the term, not as a one off. This will recognise pupils who don't receive sanctions for their behaviour but always try their best. 

The system will begin in the new academic session 2022/23.